Thursday, August 23, 2012

UthMpact Leadership Class II

Students from various Polk County high schools have been nominated by their school principals to participate in the UthMpact Leadership Class II for 2012-2013. This unique program, spearheaded by InnerAct Alliance, StandUP Polk Coalition, UthMpact Coalition, and key business partners, is designed to help teens develop crucial leadership skills.

On July 31 – August 1, 2012, a group of 35 teens representing 16 different Polk County high schools took part in a Leadership Retreat, held at the Mainsail Suites Hotel & Conference Center in Tampa, FL, to kick-off the program. The action packed agenda included DiSC personality tests and fun team building activities led by motivation expert, Patrick T. Grady, a former middle and high school educator, author of the book titled, “Who Packs the Parachute,” and co-author of “Teen Power Too” and “Teen Power and Beyond.” Recent graduates of the 2011-2012 UthMpact Leadership Class were also on hand to assist with leading group activities and presentations.

Once a month, beginning in September, these new youth leaders will travel throughout the county to experience the inner workings of local government, healthcare, education, and law enforcement. The group will meet with community leaders to discuss challenges faced in the community and suggest proactive solutions.

UthMpact is the dynamic coalition of teen leaders committed to helping educate and deliver key substance abuse prevention messages to teens by their peers. Coalition goals for UthMpact are to provide positive community engagement; change community stereotypes about teen drug use by volunteering, informing and being educated; set examples for other teens; increase coalition membership and involvement in youth clubs in high schools; and positively encourage alcohol and tobacco prevention and cessation.

For additional information on the UthMpact Leadership Program, please call Veronica Awai at (863) 802-0777, visit, or find UthMpact on Facebook.

UthMpact Leadership Class II Participants

Abraham Shannon - grade 11 - Bartow High School
Allen Demisha - grade 12 - Tenoroc High School
Benton Scott - grade 12 - Lakeland Christian
Chantharaisnh Jennifer - grade 11 - Tenoroc High School
Claussen Ryan - grade12 - Lakeland Christian
Crighton Alexus - grade12 - Lakeland Collegiate
Davis Coni - grade 11 - McKeel Academy
Everett Emily - grade 9 - IB Bartow
Fitzhugh Hannah - grade 11 - IB Bartow
Fredrick Rachel - grade 12 - Lake Gibson High School
Friedman Cayman - grade 12 - Lake Gibson High School
Henderson Mercedes - grade10 - Lakeland High School
Houston Destiny - grade 12 - Lake Gibson High School
Johnson Crimson - grade11 - George Jenkins High School
Jones Chandler - grade 11 - George Jenkins High School
Lopez Kritzia - grade 10 - Mulberry Senior High School
May Walker - grade10 - George Jenkins High School
McKinnish Jayme - grade 11 - Bartow High School
McKown Taylor - grade 12 - Auburndale High School
Muller Lucy - grade 11 - George Jenkins High School
Murray Orlando - grade12 - Lakeland Collegiate
Noris Delaney - grade 10 - Harrison School for the Arts
Odom Mallori - grade 10 - Lakeland High School
Pena Richard - grade 12 - Auburndale High School
Pincket Harrison - grade 12 - IB Bartow
Ramos Wildaly - grade 12 - Mulberry Senior High School
Reynolds Ashley - grade 12 - Winter Haven High School
Riley Davi'on - grade 11 - Lake Wales High School
Rivera Samuel - grade 12 - Haines City High School
Shipley Stephen - grade 11 - Kathleen High School
Sottilaro Nicole - grade 12 - Haines City High School
Sutton Sara Jayne - grade12 - Harrison School for the Arts
Villanueva Alex - grade12 - Winter Haven High School
Weathersby Samantha - grade 11 - Lake Wales High School
You Cody - grade 12 - Harrison School for the Arts

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