Tuesday, November 10, 2020

InnerAct Alliance & UthMpact Are Proud Recipients of Grant Funding from Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation


InnerAct Alliance & UthMpact Are Proud Recipients of 
Grant Funding from Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation

InnerAct Alliance, and its youth coalition partner, UthMpact, are proud to be chosen as recipients of grant funding from the Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation, Inc. (FNGF), in Lake Wales, Florida, (www.floridasnatural.com) to address problems related to health, education and youth in the Citrus Belt of Florida. 

InnerAct Alliance proposes to use the funds generously provided by the FNGF grant to support efforts of the UthMpact Leadership Program, which brings together distinguished young leaders representing every high school in the Polk County area and nearly every walk of life, to work proactively in schools and in the community. The youth leaders participate in extensive leadership training to prepare them to develop programs, activities, and services focused on creating positive change in their peer culture through social norms marketing, education, and philanthropy. The partnership between InnerAct Alliance and UthMpact has been successful in contributing to the steady decline in the abuse of alcohol among Polk County youth from 28% to 16% over the past 9 years. 

UthMpact has formed two new committees in which members will endeavor to: 1) reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and promote self-care among teens; and 2) promote equity by “smashing common stereotypes” and championing tolerance. Members will create dynamic virtual messaging that features profiles of local teens who represent different ethnic and racial backgrounds and highlight their cultural differences while underscoring their similarities. Another objective will showcase mental health moments in which teens will share successful strategies to reduce stress with student peers and offer possible solutions and resources in the community.   

“We are extremely grateful for the support of the Florida’s Natural Growers Foundation to help broaden the reach of UthMpact Leadership Program’s messaging and social norms efforts,” said Angie Ellison, executive director of InnerAct Alliance. 

For additional information, please contact InnerAct Alliance and UthMpact at (863) 802-0777.

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