Monday, December 11, 2017

Holidays Are a Great Time to Talk to Your Kids!

Holidays Are a Great Time to Talk to Your Kids!

Alcohol is a part of many holiday traditions as folks enjoy a festive cocktail or toast in the New Year with friends and family. It’s fine for adults who are drinking responsibly, but it is important to remember that children are careful observers of adult behavior. With this in mind, the holidays are a great time to talk with your children about drinking alcohol.

You want your children to be well-informed and that means knowing the risk of drinking alcohol long before they are tempted or faced with peer pressure. Tell them about the dangerous effects of alcohol on their developing brain. Explain that the teen brain is still growing and changing until about the age of 24. Alcohol can cause permanent damage during this crucial developmental period. Repeated exposure to alcohol during adolescence can have long term negative effects on the brain, especially for mood and judgement. It could critically affect teens’ ability to perform tasks, such as driving, doing math, and competing in sports.  

Always remember that, as a parent, YOU play a major role in shaping your kids’ attitudes towards alcohol. Be firm that you don’t want your children drinking AT ALL!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from UthMpact

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
from UthMpact

UthMpact participated in the 37th Annual Lakeland Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 7th. To celebrate the theme "A Night at the North Pole", UthMpact decorated their float with a candy cane twist. Over 40,000 spectators cheered as UthMpact showcased their social norms facts and the importance of living a sober life.

Our UthMpact team members owe a huge Thank You to Glenn and Lecinda Steele, special friends who donated their time and trailer to make the UthMpact float a success.